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sarahsullivan_woodland couple2_2024_ceramic_28x16_pair800.jpg

Serenity heads....

The Serenity figures I make are trying to capture an essence of peacefulness, calm and serenity. Eyes closed. Quiet, simple, unfussy forms built with layered coils of clay. Coiling is a slow and mindful process that allows the figures to emerge with time. The process requires drying time after each few coils are added. This can't be rushed.

As the face is formed, each pinch or push or sweep of my fingers changes the character of the figure. They evolve and emerge.


Many of the heads I am presently making are part of a 'Bathers' or 'Swimmer' series. Sea swimming/wild swimming is a past time practiced by many cultures over many years. It is not a new fad - though it is popular again just now. The positives of immersing our bodies in water outdoors are many. For anxiety, a way to socialise, relieve stress, grief, trauama, illness - but it is also tremendously uplifting and somehow soothes the soul. 

It is that sense of serenity and calm that wild swimming gives that I am trying to capture in my sculptures. The long breath out. Being present.

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