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Carved pots....

I make small batches of thrown stoneware vessels, cups, bowls and jugs, finished with a soft dolomite glaze. Assembled from two thrown pieces or just slightly altered - these are individually hand carved. A slow, rhythmic process that is endlessly satisfying. The result is a unique and extremely tactile little vessel that looks and feels both modern and ancient.

The glaze is food safe so these can be used for food or purely decorative.

I just love pots. Since initially wanting to be an archaeologist and dig them up, or then wanting to draw them cross section for text books... then eventually to making them.

I am influenced by ancient pottery vessels through to Japanese and Scandinavian clean lines of design. I love modern wood carving, sculpture and vessels.

The carved lines in my pots are representative of the tidal lines on the Cornish beaches, the geology of the landscape and the history of mark making in clay.

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